• Silver Top Ash Cladding

    Origin Occurs in the southern and central coasts and tablelands of New South Wales, Eastern Victoria and north-eastern Tasmania.
    Appearance Creamy – straw. Light to medium or pale brown, sometimes pinkish, similar to Blackbutt.
    Common Uses External cladding & Decking.
    Durability 1 (Above Ground)
    Grades Standard
    Hardness 9.5
    Dimensions 77mm x 22mm / 127mm x22mm
  • Spotted Gum Cladding

    Origin Occurs naturally on the east coast from the Victoria/New South Wales border to the Maryborough district in Queensland.
    Appearance The timber ranges from light brown through to dark brown with green and orange tones, and wild figure (grain pattern) and fiddleback is common.
    Common Uses Cladding, Decking, Flooring & Bench Tops.
    Durability 1 (Above Ground)
    Grades Standard & Better.
    Hardness 11.0
    Dimensions 80/75mm X 18mm, 122/115mm X 18mm