Tallowwood Decking

Origin Large hardwood from the coastal ranges between the Hunter River, in New South Wales and the Maryborough district of Queensland.
Appearance Heartwood is yellowish brown with a tinge of olive green. Sapwood is usually distinctively paler. Texture is moderately course but even. Grain is often interlocked. A distinguishing characteristic, very unusual for a eucalypt, is the complete absence of gum veins. Pin-hole borer marks are often present, as are the fibre separations known as “water rings”.
Common Uses Decking, Flooring, Cladding, Sleepers, Poles, Piles, Bridges, Wharfage & Cooling Towers.
Durability 1 (Above Ground)
Grades Standard & Better or Feature
Hardness 8.6
Dimensions 65×19, 85×19, 135x19mm
Sold By:  Australian Choice Timber

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