Brushbox Flooring

Origin Large hardwood grows on the edge of the rainforests on the central coast of New South Wales to Bowen, Queensland.
Appearance Heartwood varies in colour from a pinkish grey to a rich reddish brown. Sapwood is usually distinctively paler. Texture is fine and even. Grain usually interlocked to varying degrees. Logs are usually sound right to the pith and are free of gum veins, but breaks known as “water rings” are sometimes present.
Common Uses Flooring, Cladding & Panelling.
Durability 3 (Above Ground)
Grades Select or Standard & Better or Feature
Hardness 9.5
Dimensions 63×14, 85×14, 130×14, 180×14, 63×19, 80×19, 130×19, 180x19mm
Sold By:  Australian Choice Timber

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